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The Carpenters Club monthly giving program offers you an easy and convenient way to build affordable housing right here in Whatcom County! Use the secure form below to sign up today!  

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When you give you build

Your monthly recurring donations create a reliable stream of funding to building safe, affordable homes in partnership with working families. Giving over time with automatic monthly payments from your credit card, debit card, or bank account is:

  • Efficient
  • Safe and secure
  • Budget-friendly

$10 per month adds up to make a big impact on affordable housing.

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Why we build

In the United States 18% of households earn wages at poverty level or below. 24% are struggling to make ends meet, falling between poverty wages and the basic cost of living. In Whatcom County, 42% earn less then the basic cost of living. Over 82,000 County residents cannot afford adequate shelter.

Affordable home ownership has the power to lift families out of poverty and into self-reliance where they can grow their futures with stability. At Habitat we don’t aim for glamorous. We aim for longevity, both in livability and affordability. We build safe, healthy, energy-efficient homes that families can easily maintain over time.Since 1988 we’ve completed 37 ground-up builds, 5 repair projects, and housed over 150 people.

What we're building

  • The first 8 units of an eventual 52-unit complex, the Telegraph Townhome Project, in partnership with Kulshan Community Land Trust (KulshanCLT). The first 8 families will move in this spring (2020).
  • A single-family home in beautiful Sudden Valley.

With several more partner homebuyers doing their work for their pre-construction requirements, soon we’ll be adding to the list!

Join the Carpenters Club today!

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