Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

Our Current Projects

Telegraph Townhomes

The Telegraph Townhomes Project is a permanently affordable, low-income housing solution. This groundbreaking project will consist of 52 townhomes to be sold to Whatcom County residents earning 30% – 80% of the area medium income. The land will be held in the land-trust, further reducing the cost of these energy-efficient homes to the homebuyers and maintaining the homes’ affordability. Currently, 8 units have been completed and sold, with four more nearing completion. Click here to take a virtual tour of one of the units, generously put together by Laura Rex, at Stitched 360 Imaging. 

Governor Inslee on the Energy Efficiency of Our Homes:

“The answer to defeating climate change is as much in this Telegraph unit, as it in any wind turbine generating, or solar panel generating facility. It is energy efficiency. And I’m excited that they can say that this is a Habitat for Humanity Passive House.”

Click below to view full dedication, including speeches from Executive Director of Kulshan CLT, Dean Fearing, County Executive, Satpal Sidhu Bellingham Mayor, Seth Fleetwood, and more. 

Our Telegraph Townhome Community Partners:

Thanks to the Kulshan Community Land Trust and the Whatcom Community Foundation we able to undertake an incredibly ambitious project on Telegraph Rd. The Telegraph Townhomes Project will bring over 50, permanently affordable homes to Whatcom County. 

Finished! 20 years ago, Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County built a home on Eaton Road for the Garza family. We’ve just finished reroofing, painting, as well as working other minor repairs to get the Garza home ready for the next 20 years. 

Eaton Road Repairs

Stable Lane

Finished! Following the same design from our house on Bramble Way, our Stable Lane home is an incredibly energy efficient, three bedroom, single family unit in Sudden Valley. Outside of the foundation work, Stable was built entirely by volunteers.

Finished! We at Habitat are committed to finding solutions across the housing spectrum, and providing our neighbors with a viable pathway from homelessness to homeownership. We’ve recently partnered with the City of Bellingham and the housing nonprofit, HomesNow, to bring two more tiny homes to Bellingham’s Unity Village. The two units were finished in December 2021, and transported to Unity Village.

Unity Village Tiny Homes

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