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Western Students to Bike Across U.S. for Affordable Housing

Meet Kendyl and Brooks. Both seniors at Western Washington University, Kendyl and Brooks are preparing for a cross country bike ride that will take them from New Hampshire all the way back home to Bellingham – nearly 4,000 miles. Along the way they’ll help build safe, durable housing for familiesRead More

2015 Lowe’s National Women Build Event

Saturday May 9th marked our Lowe’s Women Build event. 50 volunteers came out and helped spread fill sand on the current build project for the VanDyken family house. The weather could not have been better! We want to thank everyone who came out and Lowe’s for sponsoring the event. WeRead More

Housing and health: Habitat partner families share their stories

The challenges of keeping a family healthy in unhealthy housing

As an agricultural worker, Julio Ortiz makes barely enough to support his family. And he only gets paid for the days he works. A few stormy days, or a case of the flu could be a financial disaster. His job doesn’t offer health insurance, and he can’t afford it onRead More

Beginning the journey to homeownership with Habitat

Meet the VanDyken family Dan VanDyken worked in the construction trades all his life. Until a few years ago. He and his wife, Mary, and their young grandson Cody, rented a comfortable home in Bellingham. They enjoyed spending weekends at a rustic cabin on a piece of property they ownedRead More

Habitat Partner Families talk about their struggle to afford housing