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Stable Lane

As the Hernandez family anxiously awaits move-in day, we have been making final preparations at Stable Lane in advance of their arrival. Per the instructions of the Sudden Valley HOA, we have been painting the home’s concrete foundation to blend in with the siding and frosting the glass jar which encases the back patio light to make it translucent. Nevertheless, the home passed inspection a number of weeks ago and is ready for its future residents.

Furthermore, we are happy to report–to the unbridled excitement of numerous volunteers and staff members–that the infamous immovable object of Stable Lane has in fact been moved by an unstoppable force (Construction Manager Troy Buist). Yes, you read that right. The truck that has been stranded in the neighbor’s yard since late 2019 has finally come to its penultimate resting place, a level driveway with a view of the stormwater retention pond. This journey is a story in and of itself, one fraught with hardship and fortune, a climax and conclusion, and one which we would be happy to tell you should you join us on the construction site. From this vantage point, it can watch the mallard ducks splash around each day and the water freeze overnight and thaw in the day’s sunshine. 

The truck is slated to be picked up by Cars for Homes, a vehicle donation program launched by Habitat International in 2005, who will take it to a salvage yard where all usable parts and materials will be recycled. By participating in this program, we can have a positive environmental impact and ensure the profits from recycling come back to Habitat for Humanity.

Whether you’re a new volunteer with our affiliate or have been around long enough to have helped at 49 Stable Lane, we would love for you to join us on December 18th for the home’s dedication; a formal invitation will be sent out soon.


Unstoppable force Troy Buist and the variety of objects he has moved.

Telegraph Townhomes

We are creeping closer to the completion of another four units at the Telegraph Townhome Project Site. Most recently, we have hung and cased the doors from a final shipment. This, alongside the handiwork of volunteer Ken Andres to shape a trapezoidal door for a sub-staircase water heater closet, means that all interior doorways now have that which distinguishes them from a passageway–a door! In addition, Brian Mattioli has continued to toil on hands and knees and completed the installation of carpet in all four homes. This has allowed volunteers to finish hanging bypass doors in closets, each having a gap of at least ¾ of an inch to create adequate airflow for the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) units and their exhaust vents in the closet.

Electric Radiant Cove Heaters, having been hung in the preceding weeks, are now wired and functioning. Additionally, kitchen appliances like dishwashers and ranges are finding their respective homes and being plumbed and plugged in. 

In the interest of beautifying the project site itself, we recently spread mulch in the planter beds which surround these units and are in the process of erecting an arbor and sign which will allow passersby on Telegraph Rd to recognize these buildings as the Telegraph Townhomes. Finally, our plan for the sequential completion of these homes continues as we scour the walls for every scratch, dent, nick, and mark in need of touch up paint.

Stable Lane Home

Telegraph Townhomes

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