Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

March Construction Update

March 2021

It’s a tight race as the Telegraph Team builds their first set of stairs, taking another momentous step in narrowing the gap to the first place position. Stable’s victory seemed so certain not two weeks ago. Will this be the greatest comeback in construction history? Stay tuned to find out. 

Our Stable Lane home is ready for windows! And thanks to a new set of stairs, the team no longer has to be catapulted onto the second floor. 

Happy birthday to the one and only Mike Roberts! Mike is one of our long time board members and an old friend. The Construction Team made it to the second floor this month, and are almost ready to build the second floor walls. 

COVID Prepared!

Second floor interior walls going up and window box in Stairway to heaven started at our Stable Lane home.


Second floor joists started going up at the Telegraph Townhome site. 

A huge thank you to NSEA for all of their wonderful mitigation work. They hosted a work party this Saturday to plant native vegetation–alders, cedars, snowberries, etc–by the creek that runs along our Telegraph site. Thank you also to all of the volunteers, including the Coyotes, members Wild Whatcom’s Explorers Club (pictured below warming up for the day). 

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