Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

January Construction Update

January 2021

Our wonderful construction crew at Stable Lane already made it to the second floor!

We had enough weather, or lack of weather, to finish pouring the floors of the 4 townhomes, thanks to all who cheerfully showed up at “oh dark thirty” to make it happen.

Framing the next floor of our Stable Lane home, and prepping the area around the foundation this week. A big shout out to our volunteers who show up rain or shine for both our projects.

Pouring the slabs for the next four units of our Telegraph Townhomes. Siding will be going up soon!

Happy new year everyone!

🥂 🥳 🎊 

More framing went up at Stable lane last week–it’s about to start looking a lot like a house! More updates from Telegraph coming soon. 

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