Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

Sharing Your Passion: Betsi’s Story

When Betsi Fitzgerald and her husband moved to Whatcom County, they found their new house was a little smaller than their old one. They found themselves with some items they no longer needed.

Some acquaintances advised her to the give the Habitat for Humanity Store a call. Betsi was familiar with Habitat’s mission and happy to support the organization. After donating, she decided to check the place out. She quickly became a regular.

“I’ve gotten furniture here. I’ve gone over to the hardware side. I’ve fixed all kinds of things at a fraction of the price.” The passionate home decorator also found numerous ornaments for her multiple Christmas trees!

One day, when she stopped in to peruse the store, Betsi showed Store Manager Susan Blatz some pictures of things she had done around her home with items the Habitat Store. Susan was impressed by Betsi’s decorating savvy and invited herto help design the store’s Christmas displays. Betsi jumped right in, and began volunteering twice a week.

The store’s successful Christmas sales in 2011 had a lot to do with Betsi’s dedication and keen decorating eye, Susan says.

Lately, Betsi’s job has kept her from volunteering as regularly as she used to. She continues to both shop and donate regularly at the Habitat Store and she’s looking forward to volunteering more when her work slows down.

“(The Habitat Store) is a circle for me,” she says. “I donate, I shop, I volunteer.”

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