Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

What sort of work do Store volunteers do?

Our volunteers can do a variety of jobs depending on what they are interested in and what the Store’s needs are. Jobs include accepting and processing donations, customer service, cashiering, cleaning, merchandising, and helping with pickups and deliveries.

Do I need retail experience to volunteer in the Store?

Experience is great but definitely not required! In fact, our store is a great place to learn retail skills like customer service, merchandising, and cashiering. Our staff members can provide direction, ensure work is being done correctly and safely, answer questions, and help you have a productive and meaningful experience.

Who can volunteer in the Store?

Anyone over 16 years of age (14 and 15 year olds can volunteer with a parent). First-time volunteers must complete a liability waiver, criminal background check, and a brief orientation and safety training. We welcome everybody regardless of ability, gender, religion or political views.

Resource Development Committee

We are also looking to build a Resource Development Committee. Members would ideally be volunteers with an interest or background in fundraising, community networking, event public relations, media, web design, or social media. We’re looking for passionate people with ideas to help us raise Habitat’s profile in the community and create interest and excitement around …

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Store Advisory Committee

The Habitat Store is the social enterprise that helps fund the Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County’s mission. We are always looking for community members with experience in areas such as retail management, merchandising, marketing, and logistics to offer their insight. The Store Advisory Committee works to help raise the profile, profitability, donations, and customer …

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Faith Relations Committee

Habitat was founded as a Christian ministry, and we feel that our mission to eliminate poverty housing is a direct response to Jesus’ admonition to love our neighbors as ourselves. Members of the Faith Relations Committee focus on getting local faith communities involved in various ways in creating safe, decent, affordable housing in our community.

Homebuyer and Homeowner Support Committee

The Homebuyer and Homeowner Support Committee works with applicants who have been accepted as Habitat partners, providing support and information throughout the homebuilding process, tracking sweat equity progress, and acting as advocates when interacting with Habitat staff in business matters relating to both the homebuilding and mortgage lending aspects of what will become a 20 to 30 …

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Homebuyer Selection Committee

Our Homebuyer Selection Committee handles applications from individuals and families wanting to become Habitat partners. Committee members evaluate each application based on Habitat’s eligibility criteria and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to which applicants show a willingness to partner and have the greatest likelihood of success in completing 500 hours of sweat equity …

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