Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

Construction Update: April 2023

A State of Anticipation

Aside from the work to begin in Sumas this coming week (more information at the bottom of the page), we are still anxiously awaiting permits for each of our Telegraph Townhome, Mateo Meadows, and Custer projects. We have, nevertheless, found a variety of ways to be productive over the last month.

Sheds For Sale!

Last week we began the construction of a shed model to be placed in the garden center of our store. The 6×10 ft. base model has plenty of room for all of your lawn and garden tools, but can be customized to suit your needs and design preferences in terms of size, color, and more.

They are made to order by our talented team of regular volunteers and will be available for purchase at our store as soon as the model is complete.

AmeriCorps Tiny Homes

Despite dividing our attention over the last month to work on various other projects, our tiny homes are now nearing completion. In that span, we have put up sheathing on our interior walls, trimmed out the windows and heaters as well as our exterior siding, painted the fascia and barge, and have just begun to install drip edge and shingles on the roofs.

Woodworking Projects

In designing a project that would help us teach new volunteers some of the basic skills they will need on our construction sites, we’ve now combined two previous iterations—a planter box and a folding table—into one. Thanks to the help of RV Care-A-Vanner Tom Hinkle, who ran his own commercial woodworking business for 30 Years, we have crafted two lovely planter benches to be sold at our store. Tom, our first Care-A-Vanner of the year, is visiting us from central Oregon.

When constructing these, volunteers have the opportunity to learn how to use new tools such as Miter saws, table saws, cordless drills and drivers, random orbital sanders, a pneumatic stapler, and even a jig for drilling pocket holes. At the same time, they gain the ability to take measurements and make precise cuts, square the assembled boxes and benches, and more, all while enjoying the satisfaction that comes with building something from scratch. As we continue to produce and sell these benches, we will be using Douglas fir and western red cedar planks which were harvested at the Telegraph Townhome site (to make room for Phases 1C and 1D) and milled by one of our volunteers.


As of Monday, we are officially the owners of a single-family home on Front Street in Sumas. This home, constructed by our affiliate decades ago, fell victim to the historic flooding of the Nooksack River in 2021. We plan to begin water remediation work on site this week.

We are undecided as of yet what we will build here, but rest assured we will continue to use our climate resilient construction methods. By building 2 feet above the base flood elevation and to Passive Home Standards, we can be sure that the home we build will be comfortable, cozy, and safe even as the weather patterns of the Pacific Northwest intensify. Stay tuned as we explore how we can best utilize the property to provide affordable housing to this part of the county.

There are many ways to bring affordable housing to our community and every hand makes a difference!

Mateo Meadows

Telegraph Townhomes

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