Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

NSEA and Wild Whatcom Riparian Mitigation

We’re incredibly grateful to NSEA (the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association) for organizing a work party at our Telegraph Townhomes construction site. In the morning they led a team of volunteers, and in the afternoon they were joined by the Coyotes–a group of 11 fifth graders who are part of Wild Whatcom’s Explorers Club. 

Together the teams removed invasive plants, and planted over 200 native plants along the North Fork Baker Creek. Plants such as sword fern, Western red cedar, Douglas fir, bitter cherry, Pacific ninebark, oceanspray, among others. They will soon be joining us again to plant even more.

These mitigation efforts will help offset construction impacts, and will allow us to build sections 1C and 1D of the Telegraph Townhome project; our next two projects. 

The North Fork Baker Creek runs along the northern side of the Telegraph Townhomes. It is a potential habitat for both bull trout and coho salmon. Loss of habitat is one of the many threats facing salmon in our region.

Those trees and shrubs will provide shade to keep the water cold, filter out pollutants, and reduce erosion,” said Nathan Zabel, Education Program Coordinator at NSEA, “This will all contribute to a habitat that is ideal for salmon.” 

NSEA really enjoyed partnering with Wild Whatcom,” Nathan said, “The Coyotes were out all afternoon on a nice, sunny day to learn about salmon, riparian habitat, and responsible stewardship. They were excited to get their hands dirty, plant native trees and shrubs, and leave a tangible positive impact in their community.”

Thanks again to the Coyotes, and to all of the volunteers who came out to the Telegraph Townhomes. And thank you to NSEA, not only for all of their crucial work, but also for providing all of the native plants, and for turning projects like this into a learning opportunity for our community. 

Our construction sites are in great need of volunteers. Come join Habitat for Humanity as we partner with families in need to provide them with a decent and affordable home. No experience needed, just a lending hand.

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