Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

A few thoughts from John Moon, Executive Director

On August 28th I attended an excellent program presented by the Bellingham City Club where both mayoral candidates, April Barker and Seth Fleetwood, shared their thoughts about the major crises we’re facing as a community. Besides the obvious one typically associated with Habitat, the housing crisis, others were discussed as well: the homeless crisis, the climate crisis, and the affordable daycare crisis.

Each crisis has a common root: a safe, decent, affordable place to call home. With the lower price of a Habitat home, Habitat’s 0% financing, and the energy efficiency of every Habitat home design, Habitat is providing a pathway from homelessness to home ownership in a way that builds self-worth, is carbon neutral, and leaves precious cash for working families to pay for other necessities, a need frequently taken for granted.

When you hear candidates speak about these issues, please think of Habitat and the work we’re doing in our community today to make Whatcom County a wonderful place to live, for everyone.

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