Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

Blitz the build at Telegraph, October 10 – 21

In 2002, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County in Raleigh, North Carolina, along with a local builder of custom homes, decided to enlist the help of 11 colleagues who were also professional home builders, to see if they could do the impossible: build one house each in a 5-day period, donating as much of the materials as possible. They crushed it! The group completed 12 homes at a total cost to Habitat of $84,000 (not including land costs). The same team also raised $100,000 in cash donations. From this astonishing beginning same Habitat’s annual event called the Home Builders Blitz.

This year we’re hosting a Blitz on October 10 through October 21 in Whatcom County. This year is Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County’s first-ever Blitz. Many of the builders, subcontractors, and suppliers who will participate are already actively involved with Habitat.

We hope our builders will help us recruit other professional builders from our community to work together, as well as helping us with additional fundraising for more Habitat homes. Our Blitz will focus on Phase 1 of the Telegraph Townhomes Project, to see how much further along we can push the build as we come to the end of a highly productive summer. We have 8 partner families ready to move in!

Habitat’s Home Builders Blitz 2019 also offers opportunities for partnerships with those builders whose specialty might fall outside of new residential construction, such as home renovations, home repairs, and weatherization.

Interested crews who want to learn more can contact Hillary Pritchard, Community Outreach Director, at 360.715.9170 (extension 1013). We offer a full range of participation, and will gratefully accept any interest level.

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