Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

Annual Appeal 2019

In a few weeks we will be reaching out and asking you to consider supporting Habitat’s work in our community.

This time last year, we had two active building permits. Currently we have ten. This remarkable growth would not be possible without the generous support of our community, both in time and treasure, but equally important by each of Habitat homeowners faithfully making their mortgage payments. If you are a past donor, the lumber for a Habitat home you invested in last year, through mortgage payments, is now being reinvested in lumber for the eight new homes we’re currently building on Telegraph Road. Every penny is repaid and dignity is preserved just by giving folks a hand-up, not a hand-out.

To maintain this rate of growth and to begin having significant impact on Whatcom County’s housing crisis, we need every hand and every heart to join us in eliminating substandard housing conditions. If you have never donated financially we will be asking you to consider pledging $5 per month. In a time when we don’t need buy postage stamps and funds are transferred automatically, each pledge makes a huge difference.

If you are a current annual donor, we’ll be suggesting that you divide your prior annual contribution by 10 and pledge this amount as a monthly contribution. The extra amount at the end of the year, combined with the predictably of regular monthly payments, means we can plan carefully and do more than ever before. However, your one-time annual donation is still very much appreciated.

I have heard Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller say that in any community there is enough land, lumber, windows, doors, and roofing to eliminate poverty housing. It’s just a matter of vision and willpower. And, it’s an opportunity for every community to become engaged as neighbors in a meaningful way. Please join us.

In faith and partnership.

John Moon

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