Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County

Annual Appeal 2019 is underway

For Habitat for Humanity, “Home for the Holidays” takes on a special meaning. Our partner families will gather in their homes, surrounded by friends and family, feeling warm and secure in a home they can afford to own. Habitat mortgage payments are so low, the energy bills so affordable, that there are enough funds for the holiday season to feel completely joyful.

As part of this “Giving Season,” we ask for your help now as part of our Annual Appeal. Every dollar you give has a significant impact on our ability to build faster, better, and cheaper. Being able to deliver every Habitat home on time and at an affordable price remains at the heart of our mission not only for the upcoming holiday season, but for all the holidays to come.

The concept of “Home for the Holidays” underpins everything we do year round at Habitat, and everything we believe in as an organization. Shelter is a basic human need. Your help provides a way for hard-working families to afford their own home. This is what gives us hope for a better future. Permanent affordability means stability across generations. A hand-up, not a hand-out, means that resources you give are reinvested for future affordable home ownership for more families.

As another year comes to a close, please consider giving generously, as generous as your heart and financial circumstances will allow. Your gift will make a difference, not only now but for generations to come. Your gift will help families gather for every holiday, feeling warm and secure in their homes, rejoicing in the fruits of the Christian tradition that is the essence of Habitat for Humanity. Your gift builds a better future for our community.

Everyone at Habitat wishes you a warm, happy, and joyful Holiday Season.

[Every cash gift we receive at Habitat, no matter how small, returns when each Habitat homebuyer makes their monthly mortgage payments, enabling us to purchase more supplies for another home. Habitat’s core value, “a hand-up, not a hand-out,” means that every penny is repaid. Please consider pledging $5 per month.]

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