What does my donation help build?

  • A Hand-up – Not a Hand-out

    Habitat is a partnership. We don’t give houses away. Homes are built with donations from the community, and our partner families purchase them at cost with a 0% interest mortgage.

  • A gift that keeps giving

    Because our partner families buy their homes, the value of your gift is returned to Habitat through their mortgage payments and recycled again and again to build more homes. Your donation leaves a lasting legacy, that helps not just one, but many families achieve the dream of homeownership.

  • An END to poverty, one family at a time

    The average Habitat home costs about $150,000 to build. We make a big investment in one family at a time. Why? Because research shows that homeownership is perhaps the most powerful tool available for ending the vicious cycle of poverty for families and communities. Home ownership can benefit a family for generations.

  • Responsible Partnership

    We work with needy families who demonstrate that they are financially responsible, motivated, and committed to working with Habitat to build a better future for themselves.