Critical Repairs

Vác, Hungary / 10 MBHabitat for Humanity’s Critial Repairs program helps low-income homeowners with important repairs they may not be able to afford to make. These repairs are things that affect the livability of their home, like roof replacement, foundation repairs, etc.


To qualify, you must own your home and have lived in Whatcom County for the last year. You must earn more than 30% and less than 60% of area median income for your family size. (See the Income Eligibility Guidelines chart.)

In addition:

  1. You must be living in substandard or unsafe conditions and in need of structural repairs or additions to your home due to overcrowding.
  2. You must be able to make monthly payments on your repairs and have good credit.  Habitat for Humanity finances repairs at cost, with 0% interest, to people who qualify. Even though we don’t make a profit on our work, we need to get our payments on time so that we can keep on helping families.
  3. You must show a willingness to partner.  Homeowners who get repairs through Habitat are expected to complete sweat equity (volunteer work for Habitat) before and during their repair project. The number of hours of sweat equity you will need to complete is decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on how much your repairs cost. (We ask that homeowners do 8 hours of volunteer work for every $1000 of repairs Habitat makes.) We ask that all our partner homeowners show effort and good faith in their dealings with us.

apply_for_itApply for Critical Repairs

Please complete and submit a Home Repair Preliminary Application to get the process formally started.

You may return your completed application to us by mail, email or in person.