Month: September 2013


Finally Home

The Huante family used to live in a dilapidated two-bedroom house without insulation. The home was conveniently near the farm where husband Jaime Huante works, and for a couple working three jobs between them and struggling to get by, it was the best shelter they could afford. Winters were soRead More

A Place to Study, Learn and Grow: The Connection Between Housing and Education

  Julio Ortiz was a teacher in Guatamala before he immigrated to the U.S. to provide a better life for his family. So he means what he says when he talks about the importance of a good education for his children. The older two of his four children are inRead More

Building a Future with Habitat

Meet the Singh-Kuar family Resham Kuar and her husband Sajan Singh have lived in Bellingham since they immigrated to the United States from Fiji seven years ago. “The economy in our country was so bad that if we worked whole days, we would get five or six bucks only,” explainsRead More

Building Healthy Homes and Healthy Lives

Habitat Family Selection Criteria: Addressing the connection between health and housing. From Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County Executive Director John Moon. Without a safe, decent, affordable home it’s difficult access what so many of us take for granted.  Healthcare and education are usually the first to suffer if aRead More

Housing and health: Habitat partner families share their stories

Shop. Donate. Volunteer. Buy Coffee on October 7.

Habitat for Humanity doesn’t give houses away. We sell them at cost, with a 0% mortgage, to hard-working, responsible families in need. That means that when you make a donation to Habitat, what you’re really doing is investing in our partner families. A $3 donation can allow Habitat to purchaseRead More

The challenges of keeping a family healthy in unhealthy housing

As an agricultural worker, Julio Ortiz makes barely enough to support his family. And he only gets paid for the days he works. A few stormy days, or a case of the flu could be a financial disaster. His job doesn’t offer health insurance, and he can’t afford it onRead More

More about Finances and Housing

Beginning the journey to homeownership with Habitat

Meet the VanDyken family Dan VanDyken worked in the construction trades all his life. Until a few years ago. He and his wife, Mary, and their young grandson Cody, rented a comfortable home in Bellingham. They enjoyed spending weekends at a rustic cabin on a piece of property they ownedRead More

God’s Interest Rate

Habitat Core Value #3: Not to Profit from the Poor. From Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County Executive Director John Moon. homes for what it costs us to build them, and we finance them for our partner families at 0%. We call this “God’s Interest Rate.” It’s about human dignity andRead More