Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County offers a hand-up, not a hand-out, to families striving for a path out of poverty.  We work in partnership with low-income families to build simple, decent homes where they can live and grow into all that God intends.

We volunteer, donate, advocate, pray, and work in partnership with our community.

With hands and hearts, hammers and nails, we are building a world where everyone has a safe, decent, affordable home. Join us!

2015 Raise The Roof Auction

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Youth United

Youth United

The Youth United Build is currently working on a new home for Dan and Mary VanDyken located on Haxton Way.

Under the Youth United banner, more than a hundred students from Squalicum High School are working on the build. Collaborating with these young people are teams from both the Building on Faith and Women Build programs, creating strong community partnerships, teamwork and lasting friendships.


Passive Design

The two-bedroom 900 sq. ft. home utilizes a “passive” design, which sandwiches 12 inches of densely packed cellulose R42 insulation between an inner and exterior wall. This design eliminates the possibility of exterior air coming in contact with the interior of the home, making it extremely energy efficient. The cost in materials and labor tack on approximately $15,000 to the build, but energy costs will average between $20 and $35 per month for heating and cooling.

The VanDykens currently live in a rustic, uninsulated home in Glacier that does not provide them with a safe place to live. Dan, who suffers from a chronic illness, and their grandson Cody, who has asthma, will no longer have to suffer from living in an environment of substandard housing.